TL;DR: #Weeknotes premier, Innovation takes time (why does that surprise me!), It’s all about people.

[WE 13 11 2020]

Who did you talk to outside your organisation?

A major part of my role is about connecting and collaborating with people outside my own organisation, all in the name of supporting opportunities for NHS and Social Care (and the people they serve) to benefit from innovations. As a result I interact with both people and companies who provide innovative solutions and the key stakeholders within NHS and Social who might implement them within their organisations. …

[WE 12 02 2021 + WE 19 02 2021]

This week is a double edition (although not double the content) having missed publishing last week. I did have a draft weeknote last weekend, but did not finalise. I had the opportunity to finish off on Tuesday but decided that was too late so instead decided on a combined piece. At first I felt bad about not keeping up with the commitment to myself to reflect and share at the end of each week, but then I decided that with everything else happening I should cut myself some slack. …

[WE 05 02 2021]

It’s been a different rhythm this week with less external meetings and more focus on internal team activities. After a whirlwind start to 2021, this week definitely felt a little more controlled and allowed for time to reflect and consider forward plans. As a result there is not as much from this week’s activities that can be shared in my weeknote.

Who did you talk to outside your organisation?

I attended the Remote Monitoring Regional Programme Board, which is the formal governance forum for the Midlands region projects funded by the NHSX. There is an increasing…

[WE 29 01 2021]

The road for innovation is not smooth

Who did you talk to outside your organisation?

The Chief Executive of Medilink Midlands — we had a general catch-up and more in depth conversation about different models of support for taking innovations, developed within universities and and NHS Trusts, beyond grant funding and into commercialisation. This links back to the recent conversations with 2 NHS Trusts in the region about the challenge of similar transitional activities. It feels like there is a real need in this space, and further thoughts about the potential solutions are required.

I caught up with an ex-colleague (pre-EMAHSN) who now…

[WE 22 01 2021]

A busy week — lots of meetings and interactions but limited on ‘doing-time’. This is one of the weeks that I was not able to pre-schedule a ‘no-meetings day’. I did have a few 2 hour blocks during the week, but these do not seem to work as well as longer blocks in terms of progressing activities that required focus time.

Who did you talk to outside your organisation?

There has been a strong digital health theme to the conversations this week, this included:

The first meeting, as an external adviser, of a group set-up by…

[WE 08 01 2021] and [WE 15 01 2021]

A new year and the start of a new week note season. After a 2 week break over the festive season season 2 is ready to launch! I am sticking with the format used in season 1 (which at 6 episodes was more of a pilot than a full season).

The first working day (for the majority of people) was marked by the announcement of another national lockdown due to the rise in Covid cases. Although not to be unexpected it has still taken many (including me) by surprise in the…

TL;DR: AHSN Network meetings, new Medical Director, book pause

[WE 18 12 2020]

Who did you talk to outside your organisation?

This week was the monthly AHSN Network Commercial Directors Forum (that seems to have come around quickly). As usual we had a packed agenda, but the meeting was well chaired and ran largely to time. As part of the meeting we had a demo of the Evidence and Evaluation self learning platform, developed by AHSN in the North West. The intention is that it is a resource that can be made available across the AHSN Network.

I attended the…

TL;DR: EMRAD AI Project, Finding out more about MS Teams, Innovation pipeline visuals

[WE 11 12 2020]

Who did you talk to outside your organisation?

I have been part of the EMRAD AI Project since the application stage and when it was awarded funds through the NHS England Wave 2 Testbed programme, I joined the project board( which was just over 2 years ago). …

TL;DR: Academic institutions and other regional organisations, SME support

[WE 04 12 2020]


Who did you talk to outside your organisation?

East Midlands Translational Research Network, this is an emergent virtual network that is in the process of moving from planning into operations. The group consists of representatives from regional bodies including the National Institute for Health Research (NiHR) and EMAHSN, with academic institutions from across the region. The intention is to create a framework and structure for collaboration around a number of areas including grant application review and providing support for researchers and SMEs across the translation pathway. …

TL;DR: EMAHSN Accelerator Panel, time to change the diary, 2 days annual leave

[WE 27 11 2020]

Who did you talk to outside your organisation?

This week has been lighter on external engagements, as I was on leave at the end of the week. My main external activity was as a panel member for the EMAHSN Accelerator Programme. We run this business accelerator in conjunction with BioCity, and this week was the final presentation session, at the end of the 8 week intensive support programme. The scheme provides the opportunity for the companies to win funding and support from BioCity…

Tim Robinson

Tech, productivity, growth. Commercial Director East Midlands AHSN.

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